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About Us

RAMINS REMEDIES A Trusted Name in Quality Formulation (Since 1984)

We entered into the Pharmaceuticals Market in 1984 with an upmarket, contemporary product range & have since been the forerunners of this market and the Market Leader in our category for years with High Quality Premium Products. The year 1998 proved a landmark year as the Company launched its Ayurvedic & OTC divisions.


Ayurvedic products that obtain GMP certificates always gives better results.The product is also fully tested and verified for results.

100% Ayurvedic & Handmade

This oil is made purely ayurvedic and has no side effects.

Till now, people having hair problems had no guaranteed product in the market which stops hair fall. But now, we are glad to offer you a Hair Oil which gives you MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, If you don’t get the results. 

  • It arrests hair fall in just 5 days use guaranteed!
  • It gives 100% life to weak & lifeless hair.
  • It stops early age white hairs 100 %.
  • It makes your hair healthy, soft, long & shiny.
  • It stops hair fall in just 5 uses.
  • It eliminates Dandruff in just 15 uses.
  • Gives you Beautiful Black hair in just 30 uses.
  • Gives life to your lifeless hair in just 90 uses.

Major Hair Problems: –

Early age hair fall & hair baldness, Early age graying hairs, Dandruff & lifeless hair, Brown & dry hair, No hair growth, Split ends.
Major Reasons for Hair fall: –

  • Use of Chemical-based perfumed hair oil, Cosmetic Shampoo having harmful chemicals, Styling Gels, Blow-dryers, Sun-exposure, Hair treatments in parlors etc.
  • Eating oily & spicy food.
  • Using Dangerous Chemical medicines & other products.
  • Drinking & Bathing with Chlorinated water (as chlorine is very dangerous for hair & skin) .

The Solution?

  • Multirich Hair Oil has been developed after intense Research. It has rare Herbs found at Himalaya, & other life saving herbs found from Nature itself, which makes it very effective for all kinds of Hair Problems.
  • Multirich Hair Oil has revitalizing properties that helps to repair damaged & lifeless hair. It strengthens the hair roots, Arrests hair falling, checks dandruff & premature graying of hair and its regular use makes hair long, black & manageable. It also imparts a cooling effect to the scalp (head) & provides sound sleep by removing stress, anxiety & headache.

How To Use?

  • Apply gently on the roots of hair with finger tips. Keep overnight.
  • Only Single use of Multirich Hair Oil is enough for you to trust the product with full confidence.
  • This Hair Oil is Equally effective for Men & Women.